CotT: Wiccan vs. America Chavez

qandols Posts: 1,142 Chairperson of the Boards
I have a level 322 Wiccan but have not played him much (why would you?). I thought this might go any way since Chavez is quite an annoying street fighter. Well, I soon got pummeled but managed to raise my yellow shield which helped. A couple of moves later I had enough green to cast Chain lightning and the match was over. LT was a 4* champ level that gave me another LT. No 5*.


  • PuceMoose
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    My level 144 5/4/4 Wiccan got pretty lucky in this fight and got her on the first try. I decided to let him bring Taskmaster's Sword to level the playing field a bit. Unlike most matches I've played with a Chavez on the other side of the board, she wasn't hitting constant match-4's and match-5's. I was hitting them! This surprised me so much that I forgot to use my green and yellow when they became available right away. After I recovered from my surprise I rained down the lightning, which honestly didn't do much at my Wiccan's level, but it still felt good. After a little bit of back and forth I sent her to the canvas, though Wiccan was woozy and wobbly on his feet with only about 800 health left.  
  • DAZ0273
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    Wiccan is champed but it took a while to get him going, I was chasing Green but ended up getting enough to transform to the Demiurge which is like a Haley's Comet level rarity. So I had some fun and cast some lightning and finished Chavez off before she could really hurt me.