Daily shard rewards / new milestones

With the handful of meta teams out there a lot of players just keep using the same few teams over and over again, each and every day, and whilst we all still keep playing it gets grindy and there are so many characters we have forgotten even exist let alone use outside of essential nodes/pvp team up.

I would like to see something introduced that encourages using alternative characters. I have two ideas as follows.

1. Daily shard rewards for completing battle with a character
3* and 5* deadpools currently have daily rewards linked to using them in a fight that only triggers once a day, that is your whale points and spicy tacos respectively. How about a 10 shard reward for the characters used when completing a fight? this will only trigger once per day per character but can apply to every character on the roster during that period. The amount of shards could differ, 10 would see enough shards for a 3* cover if character used every day for a month - not a massive reward but would chip away at the grind for covers. Not all players would want to grind away every day but for those with too much time on their hands it would give more incentive to stay playing and should encourage wider use of roster. If anyone wants to throw some maths at it then a more optimal value of shards is probably out there.

2. Team based milestones
Use a team of 3* / use a team of 4* / use a team of 1*, 2*, 3* etc
again this gives incentive to go back to lower tiers of play as well as providing challenges for new players to aim for. 


  • pook0203pook0203 Posts: 4 Just Dropped In
    Captain Tripps absolutely well spoken my friend love how you hit on the **** as for lazy,dull, an lame players using the same ole team usually it's the core of 2 of the same with just maybe 3 different characters to use with a certain 2 characters. Hmmmm ummmm..... Surely most know im referring to Polaris and Beta Ray Bill as well Kitty Pryde which Kitty she's Kitty but the other two has destroyed player vs player events as if it ain't frustrating enough to work hard I mean very hard to rise to the top 10 and just get to 900 points getting 1200 is literally bad for health like astronomical high blood pressure stroke levels and extreme fits of rage just trying to get the rewards. Sorry I rant like a lunatic on that topic raving madman is what I become if I dare bother competing anymore cause somehow pricks with jacked rosters somehow come and leach people for points always at the end or within the last 8 to 12 hours and you go to look for them on the leader boards and they are nowhere in the top 20 and with superior rosters I find it quite suspicious that they just happen to not even be ranked that's a whole nother matter. As to what you wrote I must say personally along with you yes indeed D3GO y'all should so definitely implement and run with Captain Tripp's awesome feedback it's basically in lamons terms Capt. Tripps laid it out perfectly and it's not anything that is radical to hurt the game at all as in making others get quicker upper hand over others and it couldn't affect the game long term either. I'm a devoted seriously devoted player myself and this would be a great addition to implement into the game it would give us more to strive for on here I'm happy that a few milestones was recently upped a bit any ones that could be added on would be sweet as well.
  • Srheer0Srheer0 Posts: 202 Tile Toppler
    A way that they could diversify the "meta" would be to give you more points based on themes.

    PVP currently is who can get the most points the quickest when doing shield hops once you reach 800+ points or break your MMR and become visible to every other player.
    If you got more points for using certain character(s) per event, then it would help mitigate the speed advantage that meta teams have.

    I like your idea of team based Milestones. I hope they can implement it in the next milestone update (assuming they get updated again).  

    As for you Pooko203, Are you actually a devoted player? You'd have answers to Polaris and BRB teams already.  

    And the players you can't find are in other "brackets / slices". Once you reach a certain points point, EVERYONE can see you. Including players with level550 characters. It's the single worst thing about how D3 have designed pvp. You need to use shields in order to get to 1200 points and earn every reward.  

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