Milestones claim on main page?



  • Seph1roth5Seph1roth5 Posts: 51 Match Maker
    I did the same thing last week.  I'd been saving the milestone that gives 250 5* shards, and accidentally claimed it from the main page.  Luckily I had swapped my fav over to Okoye after I champed Onslaight, so it wasn't a COMPLETE waste, But now she's at 250/500 lol.  Maybe I'll get lucky when I pull my LL/CP load and will have enough leftover.
  • VhailorxVhailorx Posts: 5,216 Chairperson of the Boards
    edited 18 June 2021, 00:07
    You are describing a feature for demi/d3 and not a bug, OP.  Suboptimal shard allocation is bad for players, but probably makes $ for demi/d3 by slowing down player progress.  And it can all be pitched as a quality of life change too.  Everybody wins (except players!).
    And for everyone who says: "just sharget a desirable character and problem is solved!" My response is that my preferred sharget is the next meta release that I have trouble finishing through regular play.  Please tell me how I can select that character today and I will agree that the problem is solved.
  • entrailbucketentrailbucket Posts: 619 Critical Contributor
    Actually, "suboptimal" shard allocation is now a good thing. 

    Whoever the next meta guy is, and however good he is, he's going to get his brains bashed in by whatever mediocre/trash tier 5* are boosted that week, so there's no reason to target him anyway.
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