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Here is my roster. I've got all but 1 3* champed, and he's at 11 covers, so I'm close there. Currently focusing Iso on my 2* farm, as I have 3 characters with 13 covers that I need to get champed again. I'm in about a 1.7M debt right now.

For 4*s, I've got Hulkbuster, Juggs, and Polaris champed. Next closest are Valkyrie (5/4/3), Beast (3/3/5), and Monica (5/2/3). But for PvP, I see a ton of Karnak, Medusa, R4G. I have very limited covers in all of them. I guess my question is, should I focus shards on the 4*s that are close to champ level, or leave them alone and focus on the more useful ones that will take longer to get good?

Should I care about my 5*s yet? Most are at 255 despite having a couple of covers. My 5* shards are currently going to Cyclops to get his yellow ability (367 shards currently), then I think I'll switch to Okoye to get her started down the meta path.

Also, if you see any loadouts that are different than standardized norms (like my 3* Storm at 5/3/5. Is there a more widely accepted loadout for her? I dunno, and I likely haven't paid too much attention to it.) So if you see any glaring loadouts that I might need to pay attention to, feel free to advise those as well.


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    This is my opinion, others may vary. 
    Most 4* won’t be used outside when they’re essential. Don’t worry about champing them until that day comes, or you have at minimum ten covers (for the 5* shards). You can leave them unchamped until you have 100 saved covers and probably would not notice. You need a broad range of 4* characters champed to make the transition to 5* easier, but this will take time. 

    The meta for 4* is Polaris, Grocket, Juggernaut for PvE. They work great in Pick 3 PvP too. All teams in pick 2 PvP work around Polaris/Grocket. They are countered by Polaris/Sabertooth and Polaris/Medusa. These are countered by Karnak/Chavez since they don’t need special tiles. I have BRB at 1/2/2 lvl 280 and find he works a bit better as the second against Sabertooth.  If you have Polaris, Grocket, Medusa, Sabertooth, Karnak, Chavez champed your PvP experience will be productive as matches will be quick and you will only have to skip boosted 5* characters. The caveat is you are going against Polaris often and she can beat anyone with a unlucky cascade. Especially if she is with Grocket. 
    I think Okoye is a good 5* to focus on. Kitty and BRB are good as well due to their synergy with Polaris. I’m personally working on BRB for winfinite shenanigans. 
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    Thank you for your opinion.

    I have been running my Polaris (even before i champed her) with Juggs in Pick 2, and it tends to eat up Polaris /Grocket pretty easily. I struggle against some of the other Polaris combos, but can usually win, albeit with health packs afterwards. I find in Pick 3 that Polaris/Juggs/ and either 3* Hawkeye or 3* Cap Marvel work well, depending on if I'm facing a shields team (Polaris/BRB) or not, due to Cap Marvel's red ability. It's a lot of fun to stun their Polaris, then use CM's red and change the entire board from enemy shields to my shields. There are very few matches against Polaris/BRB that I have lost with Polaris/CM.

    So, I guess my point being, that I know many people run Grocket in PvP, but I'm not sold on them as a partner for Polaris, especially since I'm almost always facing off against an enemy Polaris that can use the swords just the same as I do. Plus, my Grocket only has 1 cover (yellow), so it may be a while before I'm able to run them effectively. But if you think I should focus on them, I'll def take that into account, as I know they are immensely popular with Polaris. My Medusa has 4 covers, so I may focus more on her and using her abilities effectively.
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    Get your Grocket to 5 Yellow ASAP. The extra strikes matter and you'll especially notice it in PvE when you can run Polaris/Juggs/Grocket. In PvP Grocket helps because you can target and kill enemy Polaris very fast (often on turn 2) before she can do much damage using your own strikes.
    Once you have Grocket finishing you can move on to other meta 4* like Chavez.
    In 5* land, shard Okoye over Sighclops right now.
  • SekiliciousSekilicious Posts: 579 Critical Contributor
    I agree about prioritizing Grocket. I recommend champed. He tanks blue for my Polaris which helps in PvE, especially in Pick 2. The meta rightly revolves around Grocket and Polaris. You will understand when they are champed, but I can do so much more with them than every other character I have used. They save so much time. 
  • hothiehothie Posts: 135 Tile Toppler
    I've done as you both have said, as far as shards go. But I just rode Polaris/Juggs to #1 in my Negasonic group, 25 wins on a combined 10 health packs, walking over numerous Polaris/Grocket and Polaris/Medusa teams. And I started the event late, so I didn't get the 1*s at the beginning. They were all 3* and 4* champs, as well as some boosted 5*s. But I'll look at using Poalris/Grocket in PvE though.
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    You probably will have to wait a while before they become more frequent in play filtering downwards (Morbius starting to show up a bit more) but when the new 4 releases this week there will be two 4* characters who look to be very effective at countering Polaris/Grocket teams. The Devs have taken aim at the special tile meta so it might be worth having a back-up plan in mind (Karnak/Chavez I guess maybe?). I don't expect Polaris to get shut down completely but I do expect that 4* players will start to see these new anti-Polaris teams on defence more often in PvP (the fact that they will work with Polaris also is going to be a factor). Polaris + new character for example have 3 different stun options and although one is random if it lands on your Polaris it might spell trouble and all the AI has to do is match a special.
    Until then though enjoy your Polaris!
  • SekiliciousSekilicious Posts: 579 Critical Contributor
    As long as Karnak/Chavez have a place in the meta, Polaris/Grocket will be there to smite them. 
  • hothiehothie Posts: 135 Tile Toppler
    Ended up 1st in my Negasonic group with Polaris/Juggs. Only variation was when facing Polaris/BRB, in which case I used Polaris/3* Cap Marvel. Spent a lot more hero points on shields than I wanted to, but I've never been 1st in any event before, so that was kinda cool. Beat a lot of 5* teams, too.

    Been using Polaris/Grocket/Juggs in pve, and it does win quickly, even with my Grocket at 2 (yellow) covers. I can see why Polaris/Grocket is popular, but I almost never have troubles with it with Polaris/Juggs in pvp, The only time I've lost to it is when Polaris gets her big cascade on the 1st turn. Otherwise it's an easy win. Still not sold on using Polaris/Grocket in pvp, but I can see its use.
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