June Puzzle Gauntlet

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Any tips for how to beat the one where you only do damage when an enemy protect tile is matched?

All I can think of is allowing Sandman to get yellow but he doesn't seem to do it fast enough. 


  • Daniel2121
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    I used my 5* Iron Man and Daredevil (both only at 1 cover each) and using them for meat shields alongside my champed 2* Black Widow. My idea was simple, just form a team of 2 "tanks"/meatshields and a team healer to keep them alive, and those were my best choices and served me well without dying at all.

    I just chased 3 colors - blue to feed BW's team healing, green to prevent Sandman's stun/nuke ability from happening, and (ocassionally) some purple to feed BW's AP steal ability and use that as I saw fit.

    Literally all I did was to chase these colors while patiently waiting for Sandman to use his purple ability to create yellow tiles, which of course I let for him to eat. When he ocassionally used his green power, I usually had BW's heal ready, so with 1 or at most 2 heals I got it completely negated. It took me a long while but I got it done without getting even a single team member dead. 

    I said I sometimes used BW's purple ability, which steals AP from the enemy (from all colors when maxed), I used this strategically as stealing his purple AP would prevent his creation of yellow tiles and stealing his yellow AP would prevent his creation of protect tiles, so I had to be careful with it, usually right after he fired his purple or when I really really needed blue AP for healing and there were no blue tiles for me to match.

    Just playing smartly and patiently, it took long enough but had it done without worries in the end
  • KGB
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    Bring your own Sandman to create more yellow for him to match.
    Scarlet Witch is great to bring since she creates tons of purple (for him and for you and your Sandman).
    Cloak and Dagger when transformed create Yellow tiles on the board.
    4* Venom will create more enemy protects once you match one (so you need enemy Sandman to create at least 1).