5* Iron Man + Riri, is it a good team?

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I just got a 5* IM cover today (my first 5* guy, actually) and I had previously gotten a couple of Riri covers as well...

I've been reading some posts about 5* Iron Man... specifically Daredevil's 5* tier list which has 5* IM ranked quite low... but then, his post is somewhat old, and I was wondering if Riri was already added to the game by the time he made his tier list. But, from his post, I gather that 5* IM is not good because his red power is "handcuffed" to Team Iron Man characters... and most of them are either Black Panther, or 3* heroes, or both.

But it seems nobody told him that there are a few 4*s that are in Team Iron Man as well... most prominently Riri... what calls my attention here is that she can actually feed his red power with her blue... so I was wondering if someone in this forum has used these Iron guys together before, and if it is recommended or not?


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    His post is old but it is consistently being updated. Compared to other 5* IM isn’t a great character, but can still form fun teams. He does not have a great passive and powers that rely on ap generation are inconsistent, especially anything over 6 ap required. If IM and Riri are both champed and form a team in PvP then they will be eaten alive by BRB/Polaris teams. 
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    So basically that means "it's a good team for fun, but not for serious, competitive PvP"...I get it
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    Riri was released after 5* IM. Some other Team IM characters from the 4* include Mr. Fantastic, Spider-Man, Quake, Nick Fury, Red Hulk, Totally Awesome Hulk, War Machine and Captain Marvel. The last list I saw updated  was from 2019 when Civil War was run, they seemed to abandon giving either Cap or IM affiliations although possibly Rescue got one? Team Cap outnumbers Team IM by a ridiculous amount of possible members.
    Even with 5 in red 5* Iron Man still does not hit very hard and sadly that dependency on Team IM really handcuffs him. He desperately needs an update of his powers that scraps that and gives the damage boost on a different basis.
    There is another takeaway from this though - Riri has possibly the best/most focused AP generation powers in the 4* tier. So she is viable with any red user (3* Cyclops you could double dip on yellow and blue and keep his Optic Blast firing) and her green is very underrated for defence if you need to get somebody off the board for a few rounds for a breather.