6/4/21 puzzle gauntlet

can someone please tell me what I’m missing. The 2 nodes in PG(farthest right) see pretty ridiculous to get through. You’re limited to character who don’t create the tiles required and they purposely prevent the tiles needed from being added to the board. So how can I destroy attack tiles when it doesn’t put any out and how can I collect yellow when they don’t drop!! I try and wait for the enemy team to use their powers to make them but it seems they’re programmed not to drop any of the required tiles/specials. So.... 
can someone please LMK how they did it with the **** selection of toons we’re allowed to use. This isn’t a challenge @D3go/demiurge.... it’s just close to impossible when you program the enemies to not fire the powers needed to make those tiles. Then we’re only allowed to use a select few toons and only 1 and they’re all relatively bunk toons that no one used really!! 
Anyway, community... PLZ help!!


  • Ab_capone
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    UPDATE:  For those who have/had the issue I had; use cloak and dagger for rambeau/storm. Use +2 black/green boost and +2 all AP boost. That way rambeau can steal black tiles from you and have storm fire hailstorm much sooner. Once those tiles are on board.... a few well made matches... and Voila!!! 
    Still working on the bloodstone/iron fist/B-panther. Will update when I get past them.