CotT: Emma Frost vs. Karolina Dean

qandols Posts: 1,154 Chairperson of the Boards
Feels like fighting with soft cushions. Karolina kept flying around and do her silly stuff and Emma put out her repeaters, took on her diamond skin and swung her soft pillow at Karolina 'til she was downed. LT was a Mordo champ level. That brought my Morbius to level 271, a new LT. Mordos upgrade gave me 10 cp. The new LT was a yellow Colossus cover, bringing him to 5/1/3. The cp gave me a Northstar cover, ah well. I'm satisfied!


  • PuceMoose
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    Pretty much the same for me. I have a fully covered Emma, but only at 188. Karolina flitted around merrily while smiling smugly (her expression always makes me think of a girl who got the last cookie out of the bag), and nothing much happened. Tiles were buffed, I think, and occasionally a random special tile seemed to appear. Emma showed off her hot substitute teacher look once or twice, and finally, Karolina fell over. 
  • DAZ0273
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    Although Emma doesn't really do anything, she does enough of nothing to beat Karolina. I still love Karolina's artwork though.