4 Horseman boss (apoc) teams?

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Hi all, can't seem to find if this has been posted before. But does anyone remember what characters do well into the Apoc boss event? Specifically 3 or 4star options for people reading this who might not have 5star characters fully covered.  

I remember Apoc being a tile mover. So can't cheese him with chavez.

Im40 or Vulture can help you get enough AP in your strongest colour
TeenJean / Rocket and Groot (3star) / Rogue / BlackWidowGreysuit / Morbius can help destroy his attack tiles.

A strong C4rol can help you deal passive damage to him if black is both your strongest colour from memory, and you could even kill him before the 4 corner tiles get destroyed if you set off 2 or more of her black countdowns on the same turn.  

I also seem to remember Ironfist both 3 and 4 star being boosted and useful for this fight too.


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    4* Teams:
    Carol/XPool/C&D - Carols Green at 5 and let Apoc match Black to generate Red for XPool which also removes his Horseman too. C&D generate tons of Black for Apoc to match (and you for Carols Black)
    Teen Jean/4Cyc/Switch - Switch's Purple for Jean to remove his special tiles. Cycs Red/Blue for damage and destroying count down tiles.
    3* Team:
    Patch/IM40 - Once IM40 gets off his CD's and self stuns you want Patch to tank every color on board so your 3rd character must not be boosted and have Red/Yellow/Green colors (or you need a support on Patch so he tanks an off color). Then Patch's Red will do 500 damage x 60 tiles or ~30K damage.
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    Polaris + dark beast + Morbius / Rocket and Groot (4 star) / Karnak.

    Strategy is to flood the board with special tiles. Set polaris to 3 blue as you can't stun apoc.  

    Polaris and dark beast works well because if Apoc matches one of your special tiles, it makes more black protect tiles. Further increasing your black AP if you match them (to give beast more match damage) and increasing the damage from polaris' passives. 

    The option of morbius / R4g / Karnak is up to you. R4g gives you a bunch of strikes to start with. Karnak gives you some board destruction and a protect tile to start matching and duplicating and morbius helps eliminate death tiles and attack tiles you might not be able to reach otherwise.
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    This is great stuff. Most of the guides are horribly out of date and require characters that are rng dependent. I tried the BRB, Polaris, Juggernaut winfinite and had trouble getting it to go before Polaris procs the damage countdown (normally Round 2) and someone dies horribly (Round 8). Morbius worked once but if you remove all Apoc’s special tiles before a countdown comes out (quite easy to do) then you’re left with rng determining whether someone lives or dies (it was Morbius out of spite, though Grocket ended up dying as well before Polaris willed victory.

    The team I had most success with was Polaris, Grocket, and Gamora though I only won because of a black X-Force Wolvie team-up. 
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