CotT: Valkyrie vs. Rogue

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I have a level 348 Valkyrie. Should be a breeze, no? Well, guess again. I respeced her 5/3/5, just because. The match was totally devoid of red gems. I mean nada. Meanwhile Rogue made hit after hit after hit. My Bounty hunter gave me black, a passive. What good is that? Soon I was dead and I was fuming and ready to hit something. After having settled down I revived Valkyrie and gave her +2 red/yellow, +2 all AP and 50% match damage. This time I got my red AP quickly and could one shot Rogue. Sometimes this game just does these things to you, I guess. LT was a 4* champ level.


  • PuceMoose
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    Second try for my level 209 3/5/5 Valkyrie. On the first attempt Rogue took her gloves off by the third turn, and I knew bad things were in store for me. Not only could I not gain any AP for my one offensive move, but Rogue cast her Sugah move, giving her even more time to continue denying red. I also wasn't doing enough match damage to trigger the bounty countdown.

    On the second attempt I gave her Taskmaster's sword, and that increased her damage enough that I was able to pop my bounty hunter countdown a few times. Once I had the necessary red, it was lights out for Rogue.