Marvel Puzzle Quest R228 Release Notes (5/24/21)

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“Killer dance moves”
  • Whip that tail, and whip it good...Lizard (Classic) is in select events now!
  • Don’t miss the X-Men vs. Apocalypse Alliance event on 5/27.
  • Time is running out! Get those gems matched before 5/31 and wrap-up the Season on top!
Bug Fixes
  • Prospective fix for the recent random rare Android crash on battle start. This one has been hard to track down!
  • The description for Loki (God)'s "Feign Death" and Doctor Doom (God)'s "Fallen Favor" now correctly specify that the passive can trigger even if the character is stunned or airborne when they're downed.
  • Multiple powers "at level" descriptions have been normalized. This is not a change to the powers, just making text match one another.
  • Multiple buttons now highlight when clicked or pressed, including the bottom navigation buttons and comics in the Roster screen