Marvel Puzzle Quest R227 Release Notes (5/10/21)

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“Sinister Genetics”

  • Existence is futile... Battle with Knull (King in Black), in select events now!

  • Marvel’s M.O.D.O.K. Series Premieres 5/21! Celebrate in MPQ with new content, events, and prizes!

Additional Details

  • Monica Rambeau’s “Undercover Op” countdown tile now correctly remains on the board when an enemy team-up is fired, instead of being removed with no effect
  • The passive component of Shuri’s “Vibranium Virtuoso” now correctly triggers when matching fortified team-up tiles
  • For Android devices, the back button can now correctly be used in place of the “X” close button for all pop-ups
  • Fixed instances of items unlocking before they should if a player started the old FTUE, didn't finish, and started the new one
  • Various minor localization fixes