CotT: Red Guardian vs. Flaptain

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I think this is first crash for Red Guardian, isn't it? I feel a little bad for the guy, as he seemed to come and go with nary a whimper. I guess with so many 4* characters you really have to stand out from the crowd to get much fanfare. 

He's not bad! Mine is a 5/3/5, level 70. I got smooshed in my first attempt, though I did surprise myself by getting Flap down to 5k health.

On the second attempt I raised him up to 94, and got quite close - knocked flaperooni down to 1.8k. 

Third time was the charm with a level 125 Red Guardian. I found it kind of interesting that there's a bit a strategy at work with his red. Do you let Flap get enough yellow to throw out protect tiles to get double damage from red, knowing that you will then be doing almost no match damage until you clear those protect tiles? I ended up waiting until I had enough red to cast it twice, and that ended up more than enough to send El Flapitan face first into the nearest dirt pile. 


  • fractalvisions
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    My Red Guardian is only lvl 90 (2/1/0), so this certainly wasn't easy, but with the help of a vintage shield, a bunch of boosts and many attempts, I eventually succeeded.