Infinite Loop Without Spells - Nissa SB + G&G



  • ambrosio191
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    A similar effect can be achieved in standard with common/uncommon cards (though rare+ makes it work more consistently).  The core of the deck revolves around 3 creatures:
    Venomous Hierophant (common)
    Excavation Mole (common)
    Mire Triton (common)
    All 3 dump cards into your graveyard when they enter the battlefield. You can also use Carrion Grub, but it's ability makes less appealing than one of the others.  It usually only takes one, maybe two of them to get enough creatures into the graveyard to start an infinite loop using Nissa's 3rd.  If you go with rare+ cards you can add Nylea, Keen-Eyed to fetch creatures to your hand (Gather the Pack works well as a replacement), as well as Black Market to convert a lot of gems to black.  Fill out the rest of the deck with your choice of utility cards.
    One benefit to this approach is you only need 10 black gems to go infinite, which is a lot easier to achieve, and it's standard legal.  I use this deck on a lot of the black and green nodes of Zendikar Expeditions.  I also use it on the bottom node of the Coalition event Titanomachy.