Missing Renegade Reaper

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I realized that we are missing the card: Renegade Reaper, from the Kaldheim set. Is there any particular reason for it to be left out?

In the TCG it has an effect to self-mill in exchange for health gain, this card would be very good in PW that benefit from filling the graveyard.




  • Asylamb
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    There is actually a bunch of cards missing from the Paper KHM set. Another angel missing is Youthful Valkyrie that gets buffed every time another Angel ETBs under your control.
    Some of the missing cards have their art used for backgrounds, or event supports. Other are just discarded.

    The card I'm the most salty about is Fynn, the Fangbearer (the leader of Green Human Tribe of Kannah). Lore-wise, he's the only human to ever manage to wound Koma and when some of Koma's poisonous blood spilt on Fynn, instead of killing him it turned his blood to poison as well. That's why in paper he uses Poison counters. The way they are is pretty difficult to implement in PQ but we know how flexible the developers can be. So, just dropping one of the Clan Leaders form PQ annoys me a lot.
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    They could have made him into something like:
    Fynn, the Fangbearer (Rare, ~12 mana cost)
    (Legendary Creature - Human Warrior, 1/3. Deathtouch)
    When this creature enters the battlefield: Create a "Poison of the Serpent" token.
    While on the battlefield: Whenever a creature with Deathtouch under your control deals combat damage to your opponent's Planeswalker, if you control a support named "Poison of the Serpent", reinforce it. Otherwise, create "Poison of the Serpent" token.
    Poison of the Serpent
    (Support, 1 initial shield. Resilient, Token)
    At the end of your turn: Deal X damage to your opponent's Planeswalker. X is this support's shield count/reinforcements.

    The token is Resilient because Poison counters can't be removed in paper Standard (and once you have 10 counters on you, you auto-lose), but it would still be demolishable in PQ.
    Also, knowing how OP is Quartzwood Crasher, might as well change Fynn's ability to "<...> reinforce it X times. X is damage dealt this way." It could be a fun QC-alternative centered around Deathtouch instead of Trample.
    But no, the man was just thrown to trash.
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    Changing Fynn to create tokens is a great way to put him into the game! So we wouldn't miss so many cards since some decks we'd like to build would require them =/

    I really didn't think of Youthful Valkyrie! it's true, she would have been amazing especially in an angel token deck :)

    I hope they implement all then missing cards, could we have it @Oktagon_Support ? Please :)

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    We are missing almost 80 cards from the paper set if I don't count the lands, but do count KHM Commander. I think most of the missing cards could stay that way, but some cards were wrongfully omitted.