Ampersand is recruiting

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Ampersand is recruiting!

Ampersand currently has openings for 3 pvp players, 5 hybrid players (pve/pvp) and a couple of daily play/full progression boss players in the following guilds:

AMPERSAND (aka Main)
Top 25 PvP/top 25 PvE
Mins: 1000 per in-season PvP event,
120% Progression+ PvE

AMPERCATS (joined alliance with BattleCats)
Top 50 PvP/top 50 PvE
Mins: 800 per in-season PvP event,
115% Progression+ PvE

Top 100 PvP/Top 100 PvE
Mins: 600 per in-season PvP event,
115% Progression+ PvE

Top 100, sometimes Top 50 PvP
Mins: 750 per in-season PvP event

BEST AMPERSAND (joined alliance with Best)
Top 100 PvP
Mins: 600 per in-season PvP

Mins: Daily play, Full-Progression Boss

All of the mentioned alliances get full progression in boss events as well, but you can opt out of those if you wish.

We gather the highest optimal SCL10 PvE scores with BattleCats for top 10. We provide merc spots for our players in non-hybrid alliances who score high enough to qualify (usually 115%).

We focus on being a friendly, welcoming group who have fun; we enjoy helping each other and joking. This is a game, after all! Ampersand wants it to be fun for as many people as possible.

We will move players around between alliances as rosters improve or as playstyles change :)

Line is required, as most of our communication and movement is coordinated there.

PM me if interested or lareau on line.


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