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I’ll start by saying that I’m a completionist. True in real life, true in games like this. Getting every card in the game would cost a fortune, so I don’t try. But now and again I save up my pink crystals & orbs and see if I can get all the cards in an upcoming set. I’m sure I’m not the only one who does this. Some suggestions for folks like me:

1. PLEASE make this possible without having to *waste* pink crystals. Rare Vanguards don’t have a guaranteed non-duplicate pack. Zendikar Rising has 7 of these. If you’re lucky to even get 5 without a duplicate, that’s a feat. 6 or 7? Forget it. 120 pinks is just too many to throw away on thin odds gambling. If you take no other suggestion, please make it so that all the rare vanguards can be acquired in some reliable way that does not involve pink crystal gambling. 

2. Please add rewards for completing each rarity of a set, obviously scaling in value for each rarity. 
3. Please add rewards for mastering each rarity of a set. The current player level rewards offer very little in terms of value beyond a certain point. This mechanic is almost wasted on experienced players. Rewarding mastery of all cards at a certain rarity would also invite players to build decks around cards that would not ordinarily see play. This creates an environment for newer players to play against more decks of lesser power in PvE events. 
Thank you. 


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    Or just make legacy vanguards craftable...
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    This is an old thread but I think this is what I'm here looking to suggest. I want to complete planeswalker decks. There are both daily rewards and events that require using planeswalker decks but I have not been able to complete many of them. Today I spent $200 on boosters, got 4 mythic, all ones I already owned, but none of the missing mythic I need. Getting 500 orbs for duplicate mythic IS NOT enough when crafting a mythic costs 5000 orbs. I would need 10 duplicate mythic to craft a unowned one. And I can't choose my mythic to craft. That and the fact that all Legacy and Vault previous releases are lumped together, there are hundreds of mythic to get through so a 1/500 chance to craft the mythic I need to complete a planeswalker deck. Please provide more opportunities to purchase planeswalker deck cards, remove requirement for planeswalker decks during events or allow players to craft missing deck cards directly using orbs.