CotT: America vs. Loki

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Talk about a contrast with the previous Crash - America handled Loki as roughly as Hulk handled him in the Avengers movie.  The trickster god couldn't muster a defense against an all-American beatdown. A slow but steady AP advantage took Loki down in record time. 

I wonder if we'll ever see a 4* Loki? I think the 3* version is a pretty cool design (Trickery always makes me think of Loki saying "Oh - you thought your walls (protect tiles) would save you? How adorable.), and mischief is great revenge against a cascade-crazed A.I. 


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    America Chavez is a confusing lady. She claims to want to "punch everything" but then her powers are actually kicking people and shoulder charging. Unfortunately for Loki, the only day he attended his Asgardian Combat Training Course was on the "Dodge Punches" day. Thus Loki was utterly helpless in what, let's be fair to it, was a splendid death cascade of kicking and charging that all landed directly on Loki's squishy bits. Loki's party trick of turning his enemies shields into his own swords did not work as he had forgotten to give America any weapons* at the beginning of the battle with a *wink wink* "These are for you". At the end of the battle Loki was just a puddle of Asgard juice on the floor whilst America exclaimed loudly "GREAT Punching!" - I would say that maybe somebody needs to buy her a picture book that explains the difference between hands and not-hands but then that somebody might get kicked punched(tm) so hard that they too no longer understand the words of feet combat.
    * It is worth understanding that this would not have worked anyway as America would have used the Shield as a sled which would have made her punching(tm) even more punchier!