Another hopeless CotT.

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This is not funny anymore. First that useless Cap that I don't even have champed. And now a **** Domino. I have been stomped twice already but will continue to try. Bad boards and TA:s countdown plus green hits are deadly.

Edit: Won third time around. Good board, could deny green and had total board control. LT was a CD, that gave me a new LT and shards for Karolina and 5X. 25 CP and another LT. Two classics gave a new 5X cover and I got several 4*. Good times...


  • PuceMoose
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    This is indeed a pretty nasty crash. I have a mid-280's Domino and haven't managed it yet - I keep getting wiped out by Hulk's green. I also haven't managed to get enough red in any of my three attempts to use her nuke (and that's with boosting +2 red), so that certainly hasn't helped. I'll give it a few more tries tomorrow when my health packs have recovered.

    EDIT: Alright, fourth time was the charm! Like KGB, Taskmaster's Sword helped quite a bit. I also lucked into a big red cascade, and was able to take him out with red. That was good timing, as Hulk would have flattened me the next turn with his green.
  • KGB
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    I lost first time with my 290 Domino. Then I put Taskmasters Sword on her and won my 2nd time due to so much match damage.
    I also never got her Red off in either match. I think it's cause there so so much extra Black dropped (even with her power reduced to 3 covers) that the board starves for Red (Hulk supplies some Green if his CD goes off).
  • DAZ0273
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    I also lost first time out with my Champed Domino but second time around she wrecked Hulk and red was not an issue that go. Domino is one of those characters who sort of flatters to decieve I feel, still nice to get this out of the way.