To pull or not to pull - question about Matters Of Time & Space

ArrakisArrakis Posts: 1 Just Dropped In
As the title says, I am wondering what I should do whith the current store. Currently I have all 3* champed, all 4* rostered and some of them champed, including medusa, but not Grocket or Polaris. I also have some non-meta 5* on one cover each, as well as Immortal Hulk with a single green cover and Okoye with 2/2/1 covers. Most of the time I play pvp for progression up to 13/ 500 for CP or 25/ 725 for HP, most of the time with Legion and Peggy. No meta team, but most of the time Legion remains the last one standing. I am sitting on 167 legendary tokens and 5097 CP. So, if I see this correctly I could...
a) Wait for good new legendaries, go all in with Tokens and CP and use shards from pulls and milestones to push Hulkoye,
b) wait for a store featuring iHulk and/ or Okoye and hope to get enough covers to make up for fewer shards because of CP only instead of CP plus tokens, or
c) throw all CP on the current store and get a hopefully mid-leveled Britty at the expense of a weaker Hulkoye (no token pulls ->less shards, no cover pulls for Hulkoye).
What do you think - a, b, c, or something else? Is Britty valid without having both fully champed? And does anybody know if the next 5* will be the long-awaited MetaWanda?


  • SekiliciousSekilicious Posts: 326 Mover and Shaker
    Meta Wanda could end up just like the long awaited Meta Carol. Or not, who knows. I personally think you are holding yourself back in PvP and PvE by trying to skip the 4* tier, but then again what do I know.
  • fractalvisionsfractalvisions Posts: 69 Match Maker
    I have a similarish roster to you. 85 4*, 18 of them champed, and a few low level 5*. One of those is Kitty at 1/1/2 and I find her very useful (even without BRB). She's particularly fun against Polaris+Juggs teams. So I'd say go for it, but then I'm not the kind of person to ever save up to 5000CP.
  • TheghouseTheghouse Posts: 269 Mover and Shaker
    There's no guarantee that you'll see more than one top meta character in a latest store.

    What @Sekilicious said about meta-Carol is super relevant, just because an awesome version of a character was featured in the MCU has no bearing on how good their MPQ version will be.  In fact, it is mostly disappointing.

    When a special store comes along with multiple characters that have already showed superior lasting strength in the top meta, it's hard to say wait for better. 

    If you want to compete in the current 5* PVP meta, a powerful BRBitty is a good team to be able to take on the sea on Hulkoyes above 900.

    If you are going to wait, you're probably better off waiting for the Hulkoye killer than holding your breath on the chance to pickup iHulk and Okoye.
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