Introducing... Bag-Man

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Hi all,

Getting straight to the point this April Fools. You might say, we’re getting serious about getting silly. It has been brought to our attention that there is a character that needs no introduction, but should probably have one. Of course, we’re talking about EVERYONE’S favorite Fan Favorite, Spider-Man (Bag-Man)!

This April Fools, come join us in (re)Introducing your favorite grocery bag headed hero to the game in a new Introducing… event just for him!

For those of you new to the awesome power that Bag-Man brings to the table, this event will be giving out a cover of each of his abilities. Grab the plasticpaper donning Fantastic Four member and bring him into your growing collection of S.H.I.E.L.D. assets. We asked Spidey himself to help out you veterans with something special, like a new costume or something to celebrate Bag-Man’s greatness. Turns out that while Peter Parker is a super intelligent inventor… he’s not much of an artist. Still! Free stuff!

Beware though, this amazing piece of superior artistry is only going to be available to those lucky enough to take part in our Introducing festivities, so sling yourself on over to the game while you can! Thanks for spending time with MPQ on April Fools! It’s better than venturing out into that world of practical jokers and chia seed planting keyboard murderers! Thanks as always for playing!