Tokens bug is back? [Fixed]

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I'm playing Challenge of the Courts at the moment, Node 2. I'm using Teferi, Hero of Dominaria, my opponent uses Nicol-Bolas, God-Pharaoh.
I have "Major Zhalfir's Fate" on board and playing "Sight of the Future" to clear my opponent's board. Among other things Greg has a stack of Zombies from NB1's 2nd ability. I successfully draw 4 cards, while exiling 4 creatures/reinforcements, after that Greg has a single non-reinforced Zombie token on the battlefield. I play Whirlwind of Thought (which draws me a card -> triggers Zhalfir's Fate), and the game freezes. I can access Battle Log, Chat, Journal Quests, can see the hints for Evergreen icons on creatures in play, can't open my hand, see the PW abilities or, obviously, make a match. There was a loop control "bell" sound which did nothing.
Considering how the charges work in CotC, I can kiss goodbye any decent individual ranking in the event, hoping to at least get full progression rewards. Because I'll have to wait hours for Node2 to refresh, beat it (hopefully without any locks) and only then will I be able to proceed to further Nodes.
I've been using this deck without any problems in both ATV (top node) and FtH (2.2), never had any problems.
The deck I was using
PW: Teferi1 (Hero of Dominaria)
1. Urza, Lord High Artificer
2. Winota, Joiner of Forces
3. Idyllic Tutor
4. Staggering Insight
5. Happily Ever After
6. Shadowspear
7. Teferi, Master of Time
8. Thassa, Deep-Dwelling
9. The Prismatic Bridge
10. Whirlwind of Thought
@Oktagon_Support could you confirm that Token issues have been completely fixed, and if so, could you locate the source of this softlock?


  • Asylamb
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    Today I played the same deck against Karn who had a Hangarback Walker in their deck. I didn't encounter any problems when exiling a stack of Thopters or Karn's Construct. So, I'm still curious why I would get a freeze in the previous situation.
    The only difference in these two situations was the use of Teferi's L2 in the first case. After I made my first match and played some cards, I proceeded to my Extra Swap, and then the game froze.
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    Thank you so much for all the information provided.
    This issue is now under investigation.
  • Asylamb
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    Another case of token bug.
    I'm using the same Teferi, Hero of Dominaria deck as described in the top message, except for two cards:
    Idyllic Tutor -> Outlaws' Merriment
    Teferi, Master of Time -> Ruinous Ultimatum
    The bug occured at the Top Node. My opponent was using Sarkhan Unbroken and had a stack of Insect tokens from "The Adventure" Event Rules.
    To get a count towards Loyalty objective, I used Teferi's L1 (Spiraling Time) on Insect tokens, it worked fine. But when I did it later for the 2nd time (same ability, same token type), I got a soft-lock.
    If I were to compare the freeze with the first situation:
    "I can access Battle Log, Chat, Journal Quests, can see the hints for Evergreen icons on creatures in play" - true for both situations
    "can't open my hand, see the PW abilities" - I could do it this time. When I opened my hand, I could disable cards from auto-casting, but could not rearrange them. Also, when I opened my PW's abilities menu, I had enough Loyalty for another use of L1, and the game allowed me to choose the first ability again (I heard a sound of ability activated), but nothing happened.
    "or, obviously, make a match." - Obvious, or it wouldn't have been a soft-lock.
    "There was a loop control "bell" sound which did nothing." - There was none this time, and I've waited long enough.
  • Asylamb
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    Just to clarify, this time the freeze happened as a result of bouncing a token stack with L1, not exiling with L3's support token (as it was in the previous situation).
  • Muhhh
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    Also having an issue with the token bug. Playing the Colossal Tussle and had a stack of goat tokens on the board. Greg cast Stolen by the Fae and, soft lock. Fae never created any of its own tokens. Can’t believe this bug is back. 
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    Muhhh said:
    Can’t believe this bug is back. 
    In many ways, it's like it was never really gone :D

  • redryder
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    Happened to me during the Skoti Bloodline event today on the right node. Both of us were using Elspeth as the PW. I cast dire tactics on the opponent’s soldier tokens and the game softlocked.