Character Balance

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I feel 5* land is broken. I recently champed 3 5*'s and it was a huge mistake. The game is no longer fun, now knowing that the 5*'s I've champed aren't meta. There has to be something implemented to unchamp characters. Until character balance is fixed. The fact that the same teams are being run constantly proves that there is no true balance to this game. 


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    Regardless of opinions on why, de-leveling or selling off levels of a character is an interesting concept. I think it would be possible to sell levels for iso or some other resource. It probably wouldn't be much, but possible. It could benefit players who wish to gain resources to dedicate to another character, but what those resources would be is a problem.

    Levels go up with covers, but selling a level for a cover is not ideal. Not all covers are valued the same. For example, a 5* Wasp cover has a significantly lower value than an Okoye cover. Since covers can be sold for iso, selling off a level for iso makes since. The amount of iso you get out of it would probably be less than what you would have gotten by selling the cover used to level that character. This is similar to the amount of iso you get from selling a max champed character versus the amount of iso (and other resources) you use to build that same character.

    Even so, iso can't be used to level another character except by champing them. This helps you with unchamped characters, but not currently champed characters. Ultimately, I don't think this mechanic would be implemented. It just doesn't provide enough benefit.

    The best way to avoid the particular situation you're in is to reach out to the community in the MPQ General Discussion area of the forum and ask them about their opinions about a character's meta state. We have enough high level players in the forum that you will get an answer back fairly quickly. Their advice is particularly useful since the meta changes and what was meta yesterday might be meh today.
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    If they would make some less powerful (in Kitty, beta ray...) and boost some oldies (in bruce banner) that would help tremendously
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    Once a character has been introduced, d3 has little incentive to rebalance the roster, as they are a business, which has only one objective and that is to make a game playable enough to make money. The game in its current state gets stale to veteran players because of the mentioned lack of balancing, forcing players to ignore 80% of their roster because of some questionable character/cover introductions.
    A complete rebalance of all characters/covers would be a refreshing change and breathe new life into the otherwise treadmill loop of new cover releases, but this will never happen.
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