Puzzle Warriors 3 - Ep#286: Morbius, I choose you!

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Puzzle Warriors 3 - Ep#286: Morbius, I choose you!
* Gameboard fixes 
* Morbius!


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    If we do not get Batroc during the run of F&WS, there will be riots--RIOTS, I say!  

    We will NOT be denied.
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    Taking a couple shots at the trivia...

    "Pick a Saint. Any Saint." Uhhhh Wil Lutz. If second guesses are allowed, Cookieville Minimum-Security Orphanarium of New New York. 

    The synergy segment from episode #284 has stayed in my rotation. Two fours, a five, (and a pizza place) must seem tempting to those 5-star players punching down in PVP. It's such a chore to get through as a defend team. Sure, I may not get a defensive win but nobody hits that team twice.
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    I didn't bother to read Morbius' power set but now I'm glad I have made an effort to get him. Which was mostly influenced by how much he's being pushed on the MPQ Facebook page, as thyy don't hype up characters that much unless they're note worthy. 

    My top three first gen Pokemon are probably Eevee (for similar reasons as Ray but mostly because cute), Clefairy (also cute) and Lapras (because special and friend shaped). Top three from all gens (but mostly gen 2 & 3 anyway) is probably Absol, Skarmory and Tropius. 

    I'm from New Zealand, so St Patrick's day isn't much of thing except as an excuse to drink. As an actual celebration it's not on many people's radar unless a) you know people who have Irish heritage or b) you have a friend who is an Irish dancer who's free time is tied up with practice for a couple weeks beforehand.
    And yes, admittedly two of those four times were before bed, but the other two weren't and it still made me drop off.
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