CotT: Kingpin vs. Luke Cage

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Street Fight! This ended up being a pretty fun fight for my level 188 4/5/4 Kingpin. I like the fact that I was getting beaten up pretty badly until I started calling in my own thugs. One-on-one, punch-for-punch, it feels like Luke Cage should come out on top. However, once you include Kingpin's logistical mastery, and ability to call in pawns to be sacrificed to slow Luke down, the fight is a lot closer. I ended up using yellow twice, waiting until there was one countdown left, then used black. That allowed me to still get a good amount of value out of yellow, while still getting decent damage out of black. It was still a close fight, as Luke managed to Jab me three times, but luck was not on his side in keeping his countdown around. 

I do wish that Kingpin could use an *enemy* countdown for his black - while it wouldn't probably be enough to elevate him too much out of the ranking of middle-of-the-road four star, it would certainly make him more fun to use.


  • DAZ0273
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    Kingpin used to have this fight even easier before his "rebalance" but even now, he is rocking way too many pawns for Luke to make much headway. Luke did get a couple of jabs in but was then overwhelmed and poked by Kingpins finger of crime (tm). I believe Kingpin rewarded himself for his victory by buying himself a new ascot.