New planeswalkers

I have enough mana crystals to purchase the current offering of planeswalkers. Gideon Blackblade, Domi Chaosbringer, Ral, Izzer Viceroy, Nicol Bolas, Narset of the Ancient Way.

I’m at the beginner-intermediate stage so I’m just wondering which one to get (or even more than one).


  • Tutaha
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    Ral is very cool. I'm not very experienced in the game but I always saw a lot of people using him so I decided to try him out and he is very fun, I'm not disappointed.
  • Stormcrow
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    In terms of power I would probably rank them as follows:

    1. Nicol Bolas
    2. Ral
    3. Narset*
    4. Domri
    5. Gideon Blackblade

    None of them are awful though.

    (*If you have Starfield of Nyx and Whirlwind of Thought, bump her up to #2 and drop Ral to #3)
  • PaladinRobin
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    Hey everyone! This is PaladinRobin from the Planeswalker Coach YouTube channel. A little while ago I did a 4-part coaching guide to discuss the things I look for when evaluating planeswalkers. Take a look at this guide. It should give you a nice framework for deciding which planeswalkers to get.