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I had this idea for a while and thought it was time to share it.
I see Sandbox as a permanent PVE environment that could expand Story/Tutorial section, and is a new way to test your deck ideas against Greg (or even Manu).

What's the difference from Training Grounds?
1. You have access to all non-Exclusive cards and Planeswalkers from the game, including those you don't own (similar to how we get to play with cards/PWs we don't own in Tutorials);
2. You don't get any Rewards of Mastery (even if you use the cards you own);
3. You play against Greg/Manu (or can choose between the two).

What's the point?
For the players,
1. It would allow to see how the cards would play together before getting them;
2. It would allow players to decide on their chase cards;
3. It would encourage newer players to be more active to have the same "Veteran experience" in competitive play.
For the developers,
4. It would help finding bugs much earlier and faster;
5. It would drastically increase engagement of players enjoying deckbuilding;
6. It could incite more people to buy Exclusive Packs (if the cards from the pack are added to the Sandbox and people can test them before deciding on whether to buy).


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    Kinda like the idea, and keep thinking it would be cool to have some game mode or event where we get to test out [mechanic goals]. What I mean with that, if you want to see if you have a deck that can manage the [geocide] objective or the cast Snow objective of Doomskar Claimants (what we have as the bottom left node), but the event hasn't started running or we might not want to risk our score during it to test out, such a story Sandbox gamemode could give a chance to try meeting those objectives out.

    It might not have to be exactly what a specific event node does (though if it was listed as by the events as a hybrid of Story and Events, that could maybe work too). There could be a mix-and-match of objectives maybe laid out similar to the menu to search the card gallery, maybe divided by icons of the main set that the objectives were used for, and then if neccessary a tab for "evergreen" objectives that you would encounter even in the Story mode.

    Mix and match Planeswalkers, cards, objectives, whether they are around or have them or not, at no risk to mastery levels.