SCL 10 - 3* Nodes Become Unbalanced/Unreasonable/Unwinnable (Level 400-500 2*s Are Broken!)

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In the current event [The Hunt - Alaska], the required three star node [Black Panther (T'Challa)] consists of three two-stars boosted to Level 400-500 (which is FAR beyond what players are allowed to level our two-star characters to).

This quickly becomes unreasonable - even if you pair T'Challa with a pair of five stars, he can't go above Level 364 (assuming he's maxed at Level 266 without event-based boost). That's 30,583 max HP for T'Challa, against Daken's 67,340 (over 2x T'Challa), Ares' 82,645 (nearly 3x T'Challa), and Moonstone's 104k (about 3.5x T'Challa).

Further complicating this, two-star character powers are relatively cheap.  In this example, Ares can fire Onslaught and deal 11,364 damage (>1/3 of T'Challa's total max HP) after only TWO GREEN MATCHES (6 green).  Those matches will also produce 2 red strength 376 tiles (752 additional damage per match/power), which continue to chip away at player characters' health with each enemy match or power.

For 10 Yellow AP (~4 matches), Ares can fire Sunder for 18,231 damage and his 2-turn recovery tile deals an additional 6,077 damage.

So after eight rounds (2 green matches, 4 yellow matches, recovery tile expiration), Ares can fire a total of 35,672 and completely drop the required 3* T'Challa. Or America Chavez (boosted to Level 386), Coulson (boosted to Level 384), nearly 4* Thor (boosted to 379), etc.  Or nearly drop Old Man Logan (Level 435), Cable (Level 390), etc.

If 2* characters are going to be boosted that high, then either (a) power costs need to be adjusted, or (b) their damage needs to be adjusted.  Playing against overpowered, abusive characters is not fun, enjoyable, or rewarding and just makes me want to uninstall the game and drop my Google Play store review.  Again.

If players can't boost 2* characters to those levels, then it is only reasonable for the developers to abide by the same rules.  Otherwise, to quote Animal Farm, "All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others."

P.S. - Yes, I realize that I could move down to a lower SCL; however, I have all 3*s and nearly all are maxed.  This makes the rewards at SCL 9 nearly useless to me.  This is a quality/playability/design issue, not a personal complaint of "It's too hard."


  • Akoni
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    I am not, or will I ever tell you which SCL you should choose. That is completely your decision. For reference, almost all of my 3* are maxed, most of my 4* are champed, and I regularly use one 5* character. With that said, I almost always play SCL7 or SCL8. The overwhelming majority of players who select SCL10 have max champed 4* characters that are almost useless to them because of the heavily leveled 5* characters they actually play with.

    SCL10 is very specifically designed for the most powerful rosters. Taking a 3* (at any level) to a SCL10 fight is kinda like a 13 year old bringing a toy lightsaber to a gulf coast war zone. Those leveled up 2* characters are your locals with bazookas.

    Again, I'm not saying that you're in over your head in SCL10, but me and my 12 cover Ghostpool are gonna hang out in SCL7 and 8 as long as possible.