New UI Update: Gameboard

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Hey all! As part of our continued UI updates, we’re going to be making one of the bigger ones in R223, an update to the gameboard!

As you can see, the Gameboard has been updated, but keeps all the same features. We wanted to go with a bit more of a facelift with this screen as opposed to a wholesale change. This brings it in-line with the multitude of other changes we’ve made across the game.

Along with the characters being more visible, we’ve toned down the backdrop to the tiles to make them a bit more readily visible. As well, we’ve changed the tile colors slightly and reduced the glow. Now the PinkPurple tile is PinkPurpler than ever!

PC users will be getting the tile updates, but otherwise the UI will be staying almost identical to the current.


With this gameboard update we are also bringing in another update to the gameboard that is a bit more experiential than something to show off in a screenshot. We’ve updated the tile physics for tile movement and drops. This change makes no actual gameplay changes, with the same frame counts and speed as the current drop physics, but makes things a bit more “active” during play. This feature is available in the Options menu to toggle on and off. For veteran users, this defaults to off, but we encourage you to take a look and check it out!

We’re still going strong on our UI updates, with more to come including the big one: The Main Menu. We’ll have more info soon!