Bug when attacking Ic5man and Pr5fX teams


So i've encountered this bug in atleast two different sim matches last season and it goes like this.

Enemy team has an Ic5man, and a pr5fX. My team has Apoc.  

Enemy team have atleast 3 Tup, which should activate Ic5mans yellow passive when you deal enough damage.  

So I use Apoc's yellow at 5 covers, then I use his red at 3 covers to target profX for an expected 3x (4k+9k) 39k total. 

and what happens? 
Profx ends up taking less than 5k damage total, and bobby doesn't lose any TUP or place a yellow countdown on the board.  
Yes profx is getting damage reduction from having xmen allies on his team, but the maths just doesn't add up. Or bobby is blocking some damage and not losing the TUP and making a countdown tile.

If I find another team like this I will do more testing,


  • DeNappaDeNappa Posts: 1,177 Chairperson of the Boards
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    Are you accounting for each of the blows in Apocalypse's red attack counting individually? And are you accounting for pX's passive to count himself for damage reduction too?

    So if Apoc would deal hits of (4K+9K=)13K damage with his red, then pX would take only ~3.3K damage per hit if he has 2 X-men allies. That still doesn't line up with the 'less than 5K' that you mention but it's still a hefty reduction, and not near enough damage for Iceman's passive to trigger.

    /edit: admittedly, that is if pX is specced to 5 black covers. Damage reduction calculation varies a lot between his amount of covers in black and the number of X-men allies.
  • Srheer0Srheer0 Posts: 360 Mover and Shaker
    Thanks for the reply Nappa. When I figure out how to post pictures I can show what happened in a Sim match this season.  

    Basically, my icemans aoe tiles did 1 dmg to profX and full damage to the enemy iceman and the third character. Enemy iceman made no yellow countdown and lost no TUP.  That should never be the case as at 5 covers profX would be taking 75% reduced damage? Not 99 or 100% damage.

    Then I used apocs red on the enemy profx and it did 3 hits of 1 damage. Again, the Iceman made no yellow countdowns and lost no TUP ap.  

    So my next move was to use my profx's pink power on a red tile. It dealt expected damage, the iceman lost TUP and made a yellow countdown.
  • TheghouseTheghouse Posts: 285 Mover and Shaker
    I also experienced this bug in the Scarlet Witch PVP but without 5* Prof X on the enemy team.  The team I remember the issue with was 5* Iceman, America Chavez, and Scarlet Witch.

    I also had the issue when using Apocalypse on my team.   Apoc's multi hit powers against iceman's teammates were having damage reduced when Iceman's power was the only possible damage reduction, yet there was no team up AP drained or countdown tiles reduced.

    So with Prof X out of the equation, it appears that the issue has to do with Iceman's damage reduction trying to trigger specifically on multi hit powers. 

    Please address this issue as it makes Iceman overpowered in certain situations and certain characters practically useless against him.
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