Serra the Benevolent

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Preparing for her release, what do you guys think about this deck working with Serra? Any suggestions to make it better?

- Angel of Destiny
- Emeria's Call
- Valkmira, Protector's Shield (hexproof to all my creatures)
- Axgard Armory
- Idyllic Grange
- Starnheim Unleashed
- Valkyrie Harbinger
- Firja's Retribution
- ???? maybe equipment to give me vigilance? Serra can give first-strike. Axgard Armory searches for it. or Seraphic Greatsword
- ???? Righteous Valkyrie? Angelic Ascension?  Linvala, Keeper of Silence? Rampage of the Valkyries?

Or maybe some support removal like Light of Hope or monster removal like Journey to Oblivion

@Nalthazar :)


  • Stormcrow
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    I definitely wouldn't run a deck with zero support removal; I personally like Doom Foretold for sheer thoroughness but definitely run something. Creature removal is worthwhile too; while in a lot of games you may be able to keep their board clear by blocking with stacks of vigilant angels (although Radiant doesn't have Vigilance, does she? Hmmm), there will be times when you get behind them in board position and need to kill some of their stuff just so you can get a stack of angels going, or times when you run into something like Brash Taunter or Nessian Boar that you really need to zap dead.

    You're very reliant on being at full life (Angel of Destiny and Valkyrie Harbinger) so Righteous Valkyrie seems like a great addition but then your deck starts too look too creature-heavy and your board too crowded, so I dunno. I think ultimately you may to want to decide whether your win condition is "kill them with Angel of Destiny" or "kill them with a zillion Angel tokens" and focus a little more specifically on whichever it is. If the win con is Angel of Destiny, the tokens are mainly there to chump block and keep you healthy, so you probably don't need quite so much token generation (could drop Call of Emeria maybe) but may need more life gain to keep you topped up; if the win condition is "huge swarm of angels" you might want to focus more on working in say, Song of the Worldsoul, and maybe drop Angel of Destiny (or Valkmira, which mainly serves to give hexproof to Angel of Destiny).
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    Thanks! I didnt know Song of the Worldsoul was that good :) I had it and never knew it  :p

    I also added Revoke Existence as support removal, I dont have Doom Foretold and this was the best alternative I found in my gallery.

    I'm training with Ajani and the older Kaya as alternatives for now while we dont get Serra.

    I also realized that playing with the vigilant tokens are much better with song of worldsoul than it would be by using the Radiant Archangel skill, it doesnt have vigilance and the proliferate skill from Song is awesome
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    Yeah, Radiant unfortunately may prove to be of limited use, wish they'd given her Vigilance.

    I don't know if you have her, but the best "training" for using Serra is probably Elspeth 1 - almost the same mana gains (which are fantastic!), so she will help you get a feel for how long it takes to cast different things and if you have enough gem conversion, etc.