CotT: Jubilee vs. Dazzler

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Glittery Girl Fight! Things went surprisingly well for my level 100 5/5/3 Jubilee. I was doing a huge amount of damage on each match, and I couldn't figure out why. After refreshing my memory on what Jubilee does, I realized her lower HP actually helped the fight move along more briskly - she was slapping out an extra thousand damage on matches from her passive until her HP was greater than Dazzler's, by which time the match was nearly over. 

In a mildly amusing/mildly boring fashion, neither Jubilee nor Dazzler managed to cast a single ability. Too busy dancing and dazzling, I guess!


  • DAZ0273
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    Likewise the girls seemed content to have a dance off for most of my battle but Jubilee being the brat that she is went and spoiled that right at the end by zapping Dazzler for the win. Sorry my namesake, I did send Jubes to her room though.