Unpredictable powers in simulator round 2?

Started simulator round 2 today and am seeing odd powers which cannot be attributed to the enemy characters. Does Simulator add additional hidden powers?

enemy team of 3*. Mystique, Storm, Hulk. Before my first move, the Hulk growls, then adds like 20-25 green gems, then keeps repeating this, making cascading matches for like 7 or 8 cascades. The Hulk has no such power. Eventually I kill Hulk, after he has used his hidden passive power to add green gems like 12-15 times. Suddenly, the page fills with like 30 BLACK tiles. Neither Mystique nor Storm have this power. The team had 2 team up tiles - pretty sure there is no team up you can call for 0 AP to drop 20-30 green or black tiles.

is this normal in the Simulator, that enemies are granted hidden passive talents that the characters themselves do not have?