CotT: TA Hulk vs. Beast

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Lots of Hulk crashes around here lately! My level 209 3/5/5 TA Hulk didn't have too much trouble sending the Beastly Doctor to the break room for an extended time-out. A large part of this was due to Beast forgetting the basic tenets of scientific research -after spending a fair bit of time carefully whipping up a spiffy blue mutagen, he immediately threw a tantrum and smashed (matched) the experiment away the same turn, resulting in a small green cascade. This made him so mad he unleased the animal the following turn, only it was equivalent to a weak slap, as he had eliminated his only blue special tile.

TA Hulk's countdown did most of the damage dealing for me in this match, as at 3 covers in green his damage from that power is nothing to write home about. I never did get a chance to visit the Hot Dog Stand during the match, as black tiles were few and far between. 


  • DAZ0273
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    3* Beast is pretty terrible and my TAH is champed so, yeah, this wasn't much of a challenge. I think it might have been more apt if they had a game of chess instead. Why would two big brains like these resort to a fist fight, eh? I am sure there were enough hot dogs to share!