[Already recruited]2 Very active players looking for top 500 alliance

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Update: We fond an alliance, this thread can be deleted. Thx for the space.

Hi MPQ friends, we are RedKnight91 and franco963, 2 new (but very competitive) players looking for an active alliance.
We join MPQ 3 weeks ago and we outgrew our current starting alliance. We are looking for one that can consistently get top 500 on PvE and PvP for the extra HP rewards.
We both have very similar accounts so far: 3* territory, (around 16 recruited, limited by roster space of course) most 2* champed. both with a 5* with 1 cover and unleveled.
So far we played PVE SLC5 with easy full progression and more, since we look to have the 3* required every time and we play as optimally as we can with our clear speeds, always getting in brackets between 2-5 and 11-20.
We each scored around 1.5M in the alliance event, and we signed for SLC6 for the first time on the Venom Bomb event (a bit slower clears as spectated, but so far so good).
On PvP we play every event too, ranking always on brackets 3-10 or 11-25 so far, with scores between 600-700.
The current Mind Season is our first one (we started just at the end of the last season) so its just SCL4 and we are #1 and #2 so far with ~5800 score sand still 6 more days. I estimate 8k by the end of the season.

This is my gamepadium's link http://mpq.gamependium.com/rosters/RedKnight91/
And our current alliance is A.R.M.O.R.S so you can check our profiles in game.
Any questions please do it in this thread.
If you are interested on us joining your alliance please send me a PM here.
Cheers from Argentina.