**** Beast (Age of Apocalypse) ****



  • ammenell
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    it was nice to have an active green aoe power to complement hulkoye. 
  • PiMacleod
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    edited March 2021
    How much was your success affected by the presence of the enemy Beast? He does create special tiles for your Medusa and Polaris.
    Probably helped it out a touch... But honestly i dont think too much.

    My reasoning is that the first two turns are VERY important.  Need to put up that AP fast, or reduce the basic green count, before iHulk does too much team damage.  The enemy Beast (being with Hulkoye) didnt have anything to work with.  BOTH of his passives need friendly tiles to work.  He had no tiles upon start. If he matched mine, well, my Beast and Medusa worked fine with that.  But Beast has no ability that acts upon matching an enemy tile... So he did little to assist, if anything.

    While i appreciate what the Beast might have contributed after he built up AP and had his own tiles out for me to work with, there simply wasnt anything in the very critical early rounds to work with... And no 4* survives hulkoye affer a few rounds without a plan, a stun, something.