Veteran player looking for active alliance

tonypq Posts: 553 Critical Contributor

I'm a veteran player looking for an active alliance. Not necessarily one that is pushing for top 5 placement each event, but one that is active in all events and typically reaches all rewards for PVE and boss events. I want to earn all rewards possible but while not making this game a second job. I play every day btw. 

I make in game purchases often, would be nice to be in an alliance where others make purchases for bonus CPs to everyone, I also keep VIP active. I PVP sometimes, typically just until I reach the first CP reward. I full clear PVE and boss events, often clear nodes again before events end. 

My roster consists of champed 5s Apoc, BRB, Kitty, Okoye, Ihulk, Doom, Captain Marvel, Black Panther, Prof, Hela, Thanos, OML. I have most 4s champed  and all the really vital ones, everything in bottom tiers champed.