CotT: Red Hulk vs. Indestructible Hulk

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After all the years I've played Puzzle Quest, I was surprised to see I was calling 3* Hulk by the wrong name - I thought it was Incredible (I guess I was thinking of the movie), but it's actually Indestructible for this version. 

Whatever the case, indestructible he most certainly wasn't for this Crash. My champed Red Hulk had no problems running wild over him, and there was a small bit of satisfaction in waiting to cast purple until Hulkster had enough green to use his own attack. Two lime-flavored ice-cube crushing attacks later, ol' Big Green hit the canvas, and sunburned hulk walked away with the prize. 


  • DAZ0273
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    Ah, Red Hulk, one of the most annoying enemy team-ups EVAH! At least here he is on our side and we can drain proper Hulk's green all day long. The ice cube crushing as aptly described above doesn't really seem like it would be a devastating attack apart from robbing your drink of some icy delight. Perhaps that is the point?
    Red Hulk: *smashes green ice cubes*
    Green Hulk: Why you do that??!?!? Now Hulk's Dr. Pepsi not cold!! Hulk...sad.