While I do like the active and passive power animations I typically turn them off as the passive power animations really slow the gameplay down.

Currently we can either play with animations on or off. What this poster presupposes is that players do like seeing the animations but that they would only like to see them play once a match.

I think this would be a nice third option where there is only a minor impact to gameplay speed and we still get to appreciate the work that's gone into all the animations.


  • Marc_SpectorMarc_Spector Posts: 580 Critical Contributor
    !!!!! This. This this this. YES, please! This is the greatest probably-very-easy-to-implement U.I. change I've seen suggested in here in ages.

    I imagine most players are, like me, 
    - fans of Marvel, and the game's Marvel design/themes/immersion
    - wanting faster gameplay.

    The latter inevitably wins-out, and I usually have character animations turned off for months at a time, only turning them back on to check out a newer batch of characters' animations once only.

    A "play character effects once per battle" would be a great option to still enjoy the animation in a realistically-limited capacity without a huge impact on gameplay. And/or, perhaps a toggle to allow only active-power animations, disabling passive ones that would play every turn such as Polaris's. 
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