CotT: Namor vs. Human Torch

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The age-old battle of fire vs. water! Water tends to win against fire (depending on the type of fire, of course - don't throw water on a grease fire!), and that was certainly the case for my level 127 4/5/4 Namor. Four star Torch is a strong character, but one-on-one you can shut his whole kit down by denying green. I managed to do that, so a shirt-and-pants-deprived horn blow or two later, Namor floated to the top with a respectable amount of health left.


  • DAZ0273
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    My Namor is champed but that didn't save him first fight when I misjudged how much blue there was on the board when Namor tooted his horn.
    Second match Namor powered to the win, he even had time to point his Trident at Torch as if to say "C'mon Buddy, let's not fight, I know a bar that will let me in with no trousers and I am sure we can rustle you up some oil to drink or something!"