New Character - ***** Cyclops (Phoenix Five) *****

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Cyclops (Phoenix Five)
5-Star Rarity 
Affiliations: Heroes, X-Men, Mutants
"When the Phoenix Force returned to Earth, it didn't bond to Hope Summers, but instead to a group of five Mutants. Now Cyclops leads the Phoenix Five, working to rebuild the world into the one he envisioned Hope would create. But is it possible for him to reach that vision without giving in to the all-consuming power of the Phoenix?" 
(Abilities listed at level 255, followed by 450)
18821 Health / 75651 Health
 197 | 222 | 27 | 25 | 173 | 29 | 110 | 3.5x
 789 | 888 | 104 | 96 | 691 | 113 | 439 | 3.5x
Phoenix Blast - 9  AP
Cyclops's optic blast strikes his target directly, while the Phoenix's flames rush past and set the battlefield ablaze. Deals 2078 damage and creates 2 Red 3-turn Repeater tiles that destroy 1 Green basic tile. (Destroyed tiles deal damage and generate AP). (Max level 8353 damage)
  • Level 2: Deals 2307 damage. (Max level 9272 damage)
  • Level 3: Deals 2556 damage. (Max level 10274 damage)
  • Level 4: Deals 2951 damage. (Max level 11861 damage)
  • Level 5: Creates 3 Red Repeater tiles.
Savior of Mutantkind - 7  AP
Cyclops guides his team, inspiring them to be the best they can possibly be. Increases all Cyclops's teammates' match damage by 60%. For every 3 Team-Up AP you have, swap a pair of basic tiles.

(PASSIVE) If Cyclops has no active teammates, swap Cyclops's Yellow and Black match damage and this power becomes Dark Phoenix Unleashed.
  • Level 2: Increases match damage by 65%.
  • Level 3: Swaps a pair of basic tiles for every 2 Team-Up AP you have.
  • Level 4: Increases match damage by 75%.
  • Level 5: Swaps a pair of basic tiles for each Team-Up AP you have.
Dark Phoenix Unleashed - 13  AP
Cyclops lets loose all the power of the Phoenix Force on his enemies. Drains all friendly Team-Up AP and deal 2745 damage to the enemy team plus 235 additional damage for each AP drained this way. (Max level 11032 / 946 damage)

(PASSIVE) Cyclops cannot be Stunned.
  • Level 2: Deals 2937 damage to the enemy team plus 275 additional damage for each AP drained. (Max level 11804/1107 damage)
  • Level 3: Deals 3129 damage to the enemy team plus 313 additional damage for each AP drained. (Max level 12576/1258 damage)
  • Level 4: Deals 3733 damage to the enemy team plus 353 additional damage for each AP drained. (Max level 15004/1419 damage)
  • Level 5: Deals 4914 damage to the enemy team plus 430 additional damage for each AP drained. (Max level 19747/1731 damage)
Disarming Gaze - 10  AP
Cyclops bombards his enemies with concussive blasts, sundering their weaponry. Stuns a random enemy for 2 turns and converts 4 tiles to Red basic tiles, targeting enemy Strike tiles first.
  • Level 2: Converts 5 tiles to Red basic tiles.
  • Level 3: Converts 6 tiles to Red basic tiles.
  • Level 4: Converts 7 tiles to Red basic tiles.
  • Level 5: Targets enemy Strike and Protect tiles first.

Release Events:

Store Offerings

Incendiary Cyclops Cover Store

  • Starts: February 11th 7am

  • Ends:  February 21st 7am

  • Chance to get Cyclops (Phoenix Five). Increased chances in 10x and 40x pulls

Scott Summers Limited Vault

  • Starts: February 18th 12pm

  • Ends:  February 22nd 11:59pm

  • 40 Items

    • 1x Eye in the Sky Legendary Store Token

    • 1x 4-Star Red Guardian (Alexei Shostakov) cover

    • 3x Random 3-Star covers

    • 6x Heroic tokens

    • 4x 2500 Iso

    • 6x 1000 Iso

    • 5x 500 Iso

    • 14x Two stars

Eye in the Sky Legendary Store

  • Starts: January 21st 12pm

  • Ends:  January 25th 11:59pm

  • 15% chance to get Cyclops (Phoenix Five), Beta Ray Bill (Korbinite Cyborg), or Jean Grey (Phoenix)

  • Additional Tokens can be purchased for 25 Command Points

Release Debut:

Hearts of Darkness

  • Starts: February 11th, 7 am

  • Ends:  February 15th, 2am

  • Cyclops (Phoenix Five) in placement rewards

Introducing… Cyclops

  • Starts: February 11th, 7 am

  • Ends:  February 18th, 7 am

  • Cyclops (Phoenix Five) Shards in rewards

Featured Event:

Meet Rocket & Groot

  • Starts: February 14th, 7am

  • Ends: February 18th, 2am

  • Cyclops (Phoenix Five) as a progression reward

Versus Tournaments:

PVP Matchmaking (Valentine’s Tournament)

  • Starts: February 11th, 8pm

  • Ends: February 15th, 3am

  • Cyclops (Phoenix Five) as a placement reward

Fire and Eyes

  • Starts: February 14th 8am

  • Ends: February 17th, 3pm

  • Rewards tokens to the Incendiary Cyclops cover store