Kraven and carnage 4*

Hey y’all. So I’m in SCL 10 in the last fight for wakanda sub-event. I have to take down kraven, carnage and sabertooth. I got through the first fight but even that was a pain. Who can be used to counter all the **** they both do against you. Carnage placing attack tiles In your favor and kraven weakening 4 of them and hitting you pretty hard each turn. Who can be used to get through. What covers. I have all 4*s, have kitty champed and got 5* DP 12/13, magneto 11/13. While magneto is the featured 5* for this event, I don’t have the Iso to level him up significantly and gaining more health to survive said attacks. Yet I want to know who is best against these jerks. This is by far one of the top 5 worst combos I can go up against in SCL-10. @D3/demiurge made it near impossible to get through. Any tips/suggestions on counter teams for these guys? 
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