Planeswalker Leveling Guide

I know that this is a very controversial subject and everyone will have different opinions on this, but i went ahead and decided to put this together anyway. It's for anyone looking for where they should best invest their mana runes. Which ones are better at level 60, and which can play better at a lower tier. I have created videos for each, mono colored walkers, dual colored walkers, and the tri-colored/colorless planeswalkers. The video only coves what i feel are the strongest walkers in the game and the reasoning they are at that level. The documents have all plansewalkers currently in the game. I will also try to keep this updated as new walkers are released into the game. These will be public documents that everyone will be able to access anytime they want to look at. With that being said this is what I have come up with :smile:

Mono Colored Leveling Guide Video

Mono Colored Leveling Guide Document

Dual Colored Leveling Guide Video

Dual Colored Leveling Guide Document

Tri-Color Leveling Guide Video

Tri-Color Leveling Guide Document