CotT: Main Event Hulk vs. Gladia-Thor

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Whew! This was one of the tougher crashes for me in quite some time. I have a level 188 4/4/5 MEH, and he got absolutely trashed the first three attempts. Every time I got him down to half health, the cascades he generated resulted in enough AP to fire all three of his powers on the following turn more often than not. On the fourth attempt I had him down to 281 health when he unleashed the beast on me. There may have been a considerable amount of bad words involved in that loss. On the fifth try I upped MEH up to 209, gave him Taskmaster's sword, and sent him into the fray once more. Fifth verse, same as the first. I decided to go all out on the sixth try, boosted him with maximum match damage, maximum AP boost, and finally took Thor down. Even so it was a close call - I was down to less than 2k health. 

Since the battle was so hard-fought, I decided to open the legendary token, As a great surprise, it was a 5* Deadpool blue! That brought him up to 0/3/3. I am still hoping to pull at least one black cover before he leaves the pool (he's been the most interesting 5* in quite a while for me), but I don't know if it's worth bottoming out my CP for it.


  • DAZ0273
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    Thor is tough. My champed MEH was getting battered until I managed to fire his yellow power - the burst of health saved me and then I GammaPowerbombed Thor's face into the arena floor in what can only be described as a work place dispute.