Rare, mythics, masterpieces.

Rare and mythics, are too present in AI decks, I'm not talking about the ranks plus others, I'm talking about the bronze league.

Now I've moved up to silver tier, and I encounter decks chock full of mythics.

I've been playing since mid-November. I've done one month vip.
I have accumulated in all, one masterpiece, and six mythics. 
But not the mythics I want, six random ones.

No to the mythics in the bronze tier.
And adjust their presence in the silver as well.

Maybe in the past it was easier for players to get access to certain cards, but today I think it is difficult to make competitive decks, (just an opinion, of course, but reading post of veteran seems talk to a lost golden age some years ago) with a drop rate and a quantity of cards available, yes, but unattainable.

Thank you.


  • Asylamb
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    So, you propose to ban high rarity cards in low tiers just because you're struggling to win?
    You can beat a deck full of Mythic cards even with Peasant deck (Peasant = only C/UC/R), many cards from ORI can remove any threat no matter the rarity.
    Demolish (UC) will destroy any support no matter the rarity (except for Vanguards).
    Turn to Frog will destroy any creature no matter the rarity (except for Hexproof).
    And even if you go against a Hexproof creature, any creature with Berserker and Deathtouch will do the job.
    If you don't get to play with shiny toys, doesn't mean others shouldn't.
    Just play more, get more rewards, get more cards and you will also have some shiny toys.
  • andrewvanmarle
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    And focus your gold etc on origins and pma. Those don't leave standard
  • Rant_Ent
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    I agree, and i'm able to deal with one of it, even greg is not mercyless, almost not every greg play the same, but when greg have the perfect mythic, for everything, i mean not just one but 3 or 4 with overwhelming abilities.
    I agree that c/u/r do the same, but usually, one thing at time.

    I desire more balance, i don't care if i loose in a fair game, i feel cheated (my opinion obviously) when greg destroy 3 gem far away and the playground explode with 3 gem of the same color or the right combination drop down in multiple sequence. When my remover seem to disappear from my deck, when i get the first creature at round 13.
    I mean is 10 card deck.
    I hope i made myself clear.
    thanks for the answer.  
  • Rant_Ent
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    "And focus your gold etc on origins and pma. Those don't leave standard"

    I'm thinking now, that i have enough pink gem.