CoT: Drax vs Thanos

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In Avengers Infinity War, Drax proclaims "I'll do you one better. Why is Gamora?"
In MPQ though, I sort of feel like that about Drax. Maybe I just haven't ever really used him enough. I mean he has a go to team to be on but there always seems to be a better Guardians to use than him. He has that weird ability that does more damage the higher your opponents health is, the Countdown tile thing is I suppose meant to gel with Star-Lord but all of it sort of comes together in a great big meh. Some MPQ super star might drop by and tell me how I am missing out on this guy and how he combines with 1* Hawkeye and Coulson to be invincible but well until then I guess this is his moment to shine.
Because Thanos takes forever to do anything, Drax managed to get a good start on him, hitting him with the aforementioned 90% health bonus damage power. I didn't have any countdowns but I fired purple any way for a beefy strike. This was of course immediately matched by the AI the next turn. Then Thanos got his green off and try as I might I could not match it away and Drax took a heavy hit. I was starting to fear the worst when I lucked into a cascade that let me fire my red power again, it left Thanos with 48 health left and that was that. I guess it is a good thing that Thanos in MPQ takes about the same as he did in the movies to get himself going to do anything.
"I've mastered the ability of standing so incredibly still that I become invisible to the eye." Yes Drax you have old chum.


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    I vaguely remember using Drax for his purple *before* his "buff", after which it became something else entirely. Before, the power would place a countdown tile, and, if an ally fired a power while it was on the board, it would remove it for some impressive (at the time) damage. Of course, the timer on the countdown was almost moot, as you would only cast it when you had an ally's power loaded and ready to go the same turn. 

    My Drax (4/5/4, level 209) managed to cast all of his powers at least once, and a couple of them twice. I was pleased with the board I got, but a little sad at how long it still took to win given that the tiles were in my favor.