AAAAAARGH! Frustration Rant. (Do u think this is fun?)

What is the idea that guides developers when designing an event?
Do they ask themselves who it is aimed at?
Do they adequately inform the players about the prerequisites to face an event with satisfaction, satisfaction that is linked to fun, and not exclusively to victory.
I wonder, because after facing revolt at the consulate, which has free access, requires no payment and consequently also has modest rewards.
The first 3 creatures are definitely easy, within the reach of anyone who has been playing for a month and already has a pool of cards to vary the deck and adapt it to the different challenges to which you are called.

The middle three creatures start to be tough opponents, both for the amount of mythic cards that populate their deck and for the important mana bonuses.

The last three creatures are an unlikely matchup, this from the perspective of a player entering a free event and having normal rewards.

Then there are the things that piss you off.

• Cards that never come out, for the entire encounter, 62 turns.
• Greg cascading gems that look like fireworks on New Year's Eve, almost all the time, even when moved gems didn't preclude who knows what avalanche effect.
• Creatures absent from the hand and graveyard on turn 14 after destroying the top 5 cards in the deck three times.
Curiously, in this situation no removals came out, only support lands, or at least passive cards.

The penultimate creature (planar bridge) when it was close to defeat went on a killing spree (UT style), playing 13 (thirteen) moves in a row.

Statistical peculiarities aside, I don't care about losing and a simple prize is a welcome cherry on top.

I don't like being played. I want a fair fight.

Thank you.

Have a nice day.


my eyes were bleeding.


  • Youzerfriendly
    Youzerfriendly Posts: 43 Just Dropped In
    My friend, I hope more than anything that this remains the most frustrating thing you have to deal with, because I promise you, worse is coming. Wait till your opponent gets 4 Wizard Classes on the board.
  • JTK421
    JTK421 Posts: 10 Just Dropped In
    Or you see your opponent is Ajani, Invigorate. I just know that it’ll bea 30 minute match where I try unsuccessfully to do more damage than the 3 a turn plus the lifelink ability, combined with disabling my creatures.
    I’d take wizard class loops, because then I can just set my phone down while it plays itself out