CotT: Miles vs. Spider Woman

PuceMoose Posts: 1,445 Chairperson of the Boards
This battle is all about getting that purple to do an Iceman style one-two punch with double castings of purple. Poor Spiderwoman chased red the whole match, and still never got enough to fire that overpriced skill even once. In fact, she sat at one below the AP threshold she needed for quite a few turns, which probably made her one ticked off Spider. I finally got enough for a purple surprise, and that sent her to the mat for a time-out. I managed to use red once at a strategic point, when there happened to be two match-4's on the board and I wanted both of them. 


  • DAZ0273
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    Spiderwoman is sooooo slow. Her black can be annoying like Elektra 1 v 1 but the AI never bothered chasing it and so Miles went invisble, zapped her with his venom blast and then Surprised her to death.