New In R219: Recruit Page UI Revamp

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Continuing on with our overall UI refresh of the game, we’ve got a revamp coming for another portion in R219; This time we’re revamping the Store/Recruit page. This is planned to be available to everyone a few days after R219 launches and everyone has had a chance to update to the latest and greatest version of the game.

Instead of having separate pages that you need to tap through individually, all the available stores are now in a scrolling list with sub-tabs that will bring you right down to that section of stores. These sub-tabs work just like target links in a web page, meaning you can scroll up or down into the other sections after tapping one (for example, tapping Legendary will bring you to the first Legendary store, but scrolling up will bring you to the last Heroic store). The Unclaimed tab in the above shot is used for expired events that you still have tokens for.

The Offers tab takes over for the old Heroes for Hire tab, which could range from fairly sparse to very cluttered depending on the number of stores that were available. This update makes it much easier to quickly scroll through the available offers and see what’s just arrived, counting down, or ending soon.


Similarly, the Vaults tab shows off the currently available Vaults, just in a bit more compact space so that more available Vaults can be shown. You can scroll left and right within the Vault itself to see the various rewards that are available in them, just as you can do currently.

More UI updates, and more refreshes to the way the game looks and acts are arriving on a pretty good clip recently, and we’re not quite done yet. We hope this update to the Recruit UI makes things a bit easier to get a grip on what’s available and when, as well as making it easier to navigate for all players. Looking forward to getting this in-game and having you all start using it!