WEAPON XX is full

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Update 3/18/21: all spots filled

WEAPON XX is looking to recruit a couple permanent members to replace recent retiring members.
We are a PVE alliance targeting Top 100 for new character releases as well as full alliance progression for alliance boss events. (We only ask you score 70k+ for new characters & full progression on alliance events.)
There are no requirements for other PVE events, no PVP minimums or expectations. Line App is not needed.
If you have a developing 4* team or better, are interested in playing hard, but also having down time, you'll be a great fit.
Send me a message if you're interested.


  • LodesER
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    Do you still have an open spot. I am looking to find a new alliance that is more aggressive. Currently in an alliance that many of the players do not play very often.

  • Caracticus
    Caracticus Posts: 11 Just Dropped In
    It's still open, so go ahead and request to join.
  • keith976
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    Hey! @Caracticus
    Are there still open slots and are yall still recruiting? Im a 4* transitioning player, got all the 3*s rostered (Except Angel) and have about 30 4* rostered! I am very big on pvp and starting to get into PVE (the whole 4 clear + 3 at the end optimal clear). Let me know!